18 Millionth Bitcoin to be released this 18th October


This Friday, it is expected to release the 18 millionth Bitcoin, the information is released by a Twitter post that is twitted by an American investor and co-founder (Anthony Pompliano) of the most reliable investment firm, Morgan Creek Digital Assets.

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Only 3 million Bitcoin left to be mined

According to Pompliano, now there is only 3 million Bitcoin left to be extracted. The tweet is all about raising the awareness about the cryptocurrency.  The tweet is further elaborated as “This Friday the 18 millionth Bitcoin will be mined. There are only #3MillionLeft. Let’s make this hashtag trend so the world can learn about Bitcoin.”

Pompliano further explained the matter further on CNBC’s Squawk Box that the half of his net worth is invested in Bitcoin this August. This is what actually meant that so far there have been nearly 17,997,150 Bitcoins that have been extracted. Moreover, according to the sources generated through the Bitcoin data website that goes by the name of “BitcoinBlockHalf”, the upper limit for how many Bitcoins there will be hardcoded in the currency system and that is estimated to be near to 21 million.

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Effects on Bitcoin block rewards

The Bitcoin blockchain rewards will decrease as an effect on Bitcoin to be released. As the numbers of coins that are left to be earned are decreasing day by day and hence the Bitcoin is now half the amount left.

With the release of Bitcoins, the customers will experience that the amount of Bitcoin created will be divided into half that is created with each new block. According to the sources the “BitcoinBlockHalf” estimates that in the year 2020 on a tentative date, the block will be divided in half from 12.5 to 6.25 coins. Moreover, according to the website, there are 85.7 % of all the coins that have been already extracted.

The number of coins that are still to be extracted has been decreased in the process hence the struggle to get a hold on them is becoming an easy task. The Sources like Cointelegraph also explain that this time the hash rate of Bitcoin’s network has passed a record of about 102 quintillion hashes and this has been recorded for the first time in the digital coin’s history.

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Reference: The 18 Millionth Bitcoin to Be Mined This Friday, Only 3 Million Left

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