Get to know about Bitcoin Doubler Club and its related scam

Bitcoin Doubler Club

Nowadays, investing in Bitcoin is a trendy thing and many wish to do so because it gives them high profits. In the haste of gaining high profits at a rapid speed, people may sometimes head to the wrong ways. There is a same platform known as Bitcoin Doubler Club. This platform promises a user to double your Bitcoins within a certain stipulated time. It also promises the investors of guaranteed doubling of money that too without the intervention of a person. It claims that you can easily do so even if you have no knowledge about the technicalities, or experience needed to invest on such platforms.

This platform also claims to be a fully automated system that doubles your Bitcoins in 48 hours. All a user needs to do is navigate to the platform and click on the “Invest” link present there. Here, you may register as a new user and then log in to your account with your email address and password on this platform. After that, you can start investing and wait for a day to get it doubled. But, it is reported as a scam by some of the investors as well as experts.

Bitcoin price x2 double your BTC moon Bitcoin live

Due to the situation prevailing because of coronavirus, the stock market is seeing a lot of turmoil in the whole world. Taking the benefit of the situation, the scammers are coming up with investment schemes that may lure the people easily. There is one such platform that claims to double your bitcoins if you invest via their platform i.e. Moon Bitcoin Live. This claims to be a licensed doubler for Bitcoins which actually is not the case. It lures the people by telling them that their amount can be doubled in 24 hours. However, many investors have red-flagged this platform as well as this scheme.

This is happening because of the fear of coronavirus in people’s heart and taking this vulnerability of the investors, scammers are coming up with new schemes every now and then. Although some of the platforms were there before COVID-19 also but most of them have came to existence now.

When you navigate to the Moon Bitcoin Live platform, you will get to know that this website has several bold claims on it which is enough to lure the people. The website also states that “Moon Bitcoin Live gives you a real platform to multiply your bitcoins instantly”. However, this claim is completely fake and meaningless. You may also come across this statement on their website “bitcoin doubler club double your bitcoin in 24 hours” which is completely fake.

What should be done such a situation?

There are certain practices that you may undergo in order to avoid being a victim of such a scam.

Beware of fake BTC address

It is very necessary that you spot a fake registration or address in order to avoid becoming a victim. Many scammers try their best to make an address look like a legitimate one. The same is the case with the Moon Bitcoin Live which claims to be a UK-based registered company. But, there is a thing to note that it has two different numbers on its website which does not happen to be with a legitimate company.

Buy bitcoin only from the legitimate platform

Make sure you navigate to well-known platforms and trusted websites for investing in Bitcoins and never believe on such platforms that claim to give you high profit.

Make thorough research

Before you actually invest on any platform, make sure you do enough research and then start trading. Be extra cautious when it comes to investment.

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