Bitcoin predictions 2021 by top strategists of Bitcoin prediction model

Bitcoin predictions 2021

Since we are moving towards the end of 2020, many investors, as well as Bitcoin prediction model creators, have started to give it a thought what would be the scenario of Bitcoin in the coming year i.e. 2021. There, I have listed down the top predictions made by the crypto experts for the year 2021.

These predictions have been created on the basis of trends that were popular in 2020 and based on the statistics of the current year. And, when you search the internet for this, you will witness that Bitcoin is already touching new heights.

According to the experts, the value of Bitcoin in the upcoming year would be starting at nearly $100,000. And this is based on a very popular model for Bitcoin prediction which is known as Stock-to-Flow (S&F) forecast model. The same would go up to $170,000 and may go as higher as $318,000. This prediction has been made by a popular creator Bitcoin prediction model named Mike McGlone.

In order to get the glassdoor picture of what Bitcoin would look like in 2021, let us have a glance at the top predictions made by some popular strategists. This would let you know whether you would be a bear or a bull in the future Bitcoin trading.

Top Bitcoin forecast for 2021

  1. Mike Novogratz’s prediction

Mike is one of the BTC investors who is a billionaire himself and according to him, the price of BTC may surge up to $65,000 which directly hints towards the fact that it can be a good time for the buyers to invest. However, he also said that before surging this high, BTC will witness a little fall and may go around $16,000. He said this would happen due to the “network effect” about which you can search the internet.

  1. Prediction by S2F creator

Based on the prediction made by Stock-to-Flow (S2F) model creator, the Bitcoin price would be nearing $100,000 by the end of 2021. He was able to make this prediction because of Bitcoin halving. The lesser the supply of Bitcoin, the higher would be its price as there would more demand for BTC.

  1. Bloomberg strategist Mike McGlone’s forecast

This analyst shared yet one more bullish analysis of BTC value for the coming year. According to him, the Bitcoin price has not yet stopped in its pursuit of reaching new heights. If the same continues to happen, the price would go around $170,000 in the coming two years.

  1. Citibank analyst’s review

Predictors consider this to be one of the most bullish reviews as given by Tom Fitzpatrick who is an analyst of Citibank. He thinks that the price of BTC will touch new heights in the upcoming year and may cross $300,000. And to prove his point he brings forth the trends of the year 2010 and 2011 which lets him guess that the same would happen in the year 2021.

Concluding words

By looking at the predictions made by the top analysts, we could only say that only time will tell us what the future holds for us if we are thinking to invest in BTC. But, one thing worth noting here is that all the analysts made positive predictions at the end of buyers. This makes it quite clear that 2021 would be a good time for investors to benefit themselves financially.

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