Measures to take when the Bittrex wallet gets disabled?


Your Bittrex wallet plays a very crucial role in trading with cryptocurrency. With a wallet, you won’t be able to complete any transaction. Whether you wish to withdraw funds from your account or wish to deposit funds in it, all you need is a Bittrex wallet.

Recently, it was found out that many people are facing a problem with their Bittrex account and they are unable to carry forward their transactions using it. Whenever they try to access their wallet for fund withdrawal or transfer they see an abrupt message saying that their wallet/account is disabled. There could be many reasons for this and these are discussed in the following section.

In most cases, you can carry on with your transactions even if your wallet is disabled but in some cases you completely get stuck. Although Bittrex support is trying its best to resolve this issue, you can take some preventive measures on your own.

Why is your Bittrex wallet disabled?

Some possible reasons why your Bittrex wallet is disabled are listed below:

  • Your wallet is being maintained.
  • The blocks from the Blockchain are being divided and it is not letting you carry on with your transactions.
  • Some suspicious activity might have been recorded.
  • The wallet upgrade process is being done.
  • The wallet exchange server is not responding.
  • You requested to disable your Bittrex wallet.
  • You tried using the same wallet verification method/document that is already in use.
  • You might have violated some of the terms and conditioned mentioned on the Bittrex website.

There could be many other reasons for this. If you get frustrated when you are unable to access your wallet, just dial the Bittrex support number. You can also check the solution given in the next section for fixing up this issue.

Solutions to deal with a disabled Bittrex wallet

The users whose Bittrex account or wallet is disabled can through the following solutions to fix their issue:

  1. Try to know the reason- first of all, you should try to know the reason why your wallet is disabled.
  2. Open a support ticket- the second thing you can do is open a support ticket at the Bittrex platform and seek assistance from the experts. They will help you to enable your account.
  3. Request for enabling the wallet- in some cases, people themselves request to disable their account so that their account could not be misused. In this situation, they can request the team for enabling their account once again so that they carry on their trading.
  4. Wait for a while- if the Bittrex support team has suspected some suspicious activity on from your wallet and disabled it for your safety. Then, you have to wait for a few hours or a few days until your account is enabled again.
  5. Use a different identification document- it is advised to not to use the same identification document for using your Bittrex wallet. If you do so, your account gets temporarily disabled.
  6. Follow the rules mentioned in the Bittrex T&C- make sure you are not violating any of the rules given in the T&C page of the Bittrex.


There could be many chances for you to encounter errors and trouble while trading in Bittrex. But you should not get disappointed as there is a solution to every problem. If any of the above-mentioned methods do not work right for you, then you may seek expert assistance immediately for uninterrupted trading.

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