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With Coinbase you get the extreme security measures that will ensure you that your digital currencies account are as safe as possible. However, certain additional steps are strongly recommended for you to take help for protecting your account from unauthorized access. Here you will get the types of accounts that are specially customized to protect your funds. Moreover, you will be guided to consider Coinbase support or other details as a primitive and the most important aspect when you are dealing with digital currencies or trading them via Coinbase.

Coinbase Support

Coinbase understands and maintains the privacy of the individuals and the staff never asks you for the details such as password, 2-factor authentication codes or other codes that are important for the login process. Moreover, you will not be asked to install the remote login software of your computer. If you are having any issues related to the Coinbase account then it is recommended to get it resolved by clicking the toll-free number available online. 

It is to be noted that if anyone claims to be associated with Coinbase Support then you need to get in touch with the Customer Support executives immediately.


You are required to use a complex and unique password that cannot be shared with anyone or not similar to those that have been already used in other websites. Guidelines like these do provide some important information related to what makes a password strong. It’s a perfect idea to keep on changing your password frequently and then make a new password. It is expected to not to disclose your password to anyone. If you ask about Coinbase, the employees here will never ask for your actual credentials.

2 Factor Authentication

It is important to avail of the 2 Factor Authentication services that are offered by Coinbase. You can easily enable them on your Security page by adding an Authentication portal or a phone number for verification. You can also enable 2-factor authentication codes as extra tokens of security measures that are mentioned by the Coinbase Support page.


You are required to understand that the email address of a user is one of the most important connections between you and your Coinbase account. Make sure your Coinbase account is not compromised on a third party basis. Ask your email provider to make you avail of these services and then activate it on your email account. Doing this will add an extra layer of security to protect your data and identity.

Stay aware of Phishing websites

You need to stay aware of the fraudulent websites that claim to be as authentic as Coinbase, such websites are known as Phishing websites. This is the most common way to turn customers into victims. You need to bookmark the important websites and then visit those sites only and avoid clicking on the links from the rest of the websites that are disguised as Coinbase.

IP Activity

You can track down the activities and check the IP login activity and other verified devices on your account anytime anywhere by signing in the accounts and visiting the “Settings” section on the webpage.

3rd Party applications

You need to practice the act of being careful when you are enabling any 3rd party application for accessing your account. However, these features are turned off by default and are only used in more advanced situations.

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When it comes to trading digital currency authentically Coinbase is the most trusted platform that is accessed globally.  In case you are having issues related to trading via Coinbase then get in touch with the coinbase support executives who are available on the official website.

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