Coinbase vs Bittrex: Know what a better platform to trade is?

Coinbase vs Bittrex

For the users who which to invest and trade via a professional trading website, then you need to choose the perfect cryptocurrency trading platform for you. Like many users, if you too are confused with what to choose between Coinbase vs Bittrex, then this article can help you to decide between the two that is Coinbase vs Bittrex, two of the primarily accessed trading platforms. There is much more you need to understand about the topic all this is described in this article. You will get a comparison between the Coinbase vs Bittrex review, so let us get started!

On-exchange basis

You need to keep in mind that when you are picking a cryptocurrency exchange then you do not need to use only one. Remember, each exchange has its own strengths and by spreading out the portfolio you differentiate that some of them can involve the risks of getting hacked. However, both Bittrex and Coinbase share an equal amount of security norms to protect your account from hackers. If you are thinking about the exchange business, Coinbase is gaining popularity and is quite safe from the prying eyes of the hackers.


To use a successful exchange medium, your security needs to be water-tight and there is an exchange option out there and a single poorly handled security thread can be lethal for the exchange company’s user base. Both coinbase and Bittrex are considered to have secure mediums for the transactions to happen, however, it is worth mentioning the fact that both of the platforms are exposed to small risks to get hacked. It is not recommended to store the funds as it increases the potential of getting hacked.

Perfect trading app for beginners- Coinbase vs Bittrex

There is a reason that so many people think investing in cryptocurrency via Coinbase. The platform has done a remarkable job to create an extremely user-friendly interface and purchase coins in a very simple process. The coinbase has a very narrow-focused and simple user- interface that is good for the users.

On the contrary, Bittrex allows the users to trade coin pairs that are similar to what we see in stock or forex exchange. This platform was quite tricky to understand for the investors and the traders who are using it for the first time. Moreover, the users can purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin on both Coinbase and Bittrex, but these platforms are different for the users who are the initial investors. However, Coinbase here is seen to lead the ways.

Coinbase VS Bittrex: The trust factor

Both Coinbase and Bittrex are popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Coinbase has come across a significant amount of investment capital from reputed investors, capital firms, and even some of the financial institutions. However, Bittrex doesn’t have the same investment as compared with Coinbase.

Coinbase vs Bittrex: Final Thoughts

If you want to pick one between the two cryptocurrency platforms then you might have difficulty in choosing as both of them serves different purposes. There are some laps in both of them and also some advantages both do have. The Coinbase enables you to purchase the BTC, LTC, and ETH by using USD that is generally not supported by Bittrex. On the contrary, Bittrex does support the trading of over 190+ different cryptocurrencies. So, in terms of popularity, Coinbase is leading and it is also useful for beginners who are thinking to invest and trade in cryptocurrencies. However, once to have developed an intermediate understanding and wish to invest in Cryptocurrencies later then Bittrex should be a sure next move.

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