Everything on The Journey from Matic to Polygon

Journey from Matic to Polygon

Blockchain, in simple words, is a digital ledger of transactions that records data systematically, in a manner that ensures change or hacks entirely impossible and Ethereum is the name of a specific blockchain network. When combined, makes the strategy that Matic applies for all its services. Matic Network provides flexible or scalable, safe, and instant Ethereum transactions (ether being the digital currency) on a blockchain network. Let’s learn about the brand and its transformation to Polygon.

Matic Network

Matic Network stands upon the foundation of decentralization and great products. They thrive to bring better usability and convenience in the existing decentralized ecosystems. One thing that still hasn’t been solved is the “Mass Adoption” on the blockchain platform even when they have gained a lot of attention. No significant decentralized applications (DApps) have been noted to see mass adoption even on Ethereum (the most used platform for smart contracts). This eventually, concluded that the most used and advanced platforms are far from being ready for mass adoption. Another concern is the neglect of effects on DApps by the network and the huge developer community and ecosystem.

Matic came to being, proposing a combined solution to all of these problems. Decentralization of all transactions gets complicated, slow, and turns out to be expensive too. Hence, Matic aims to bring changes to this system by making the most of combining blockchain scaling, others give out solutions to all the scalability and usability problems by making the most of the existing developer community and ecosystem and the decentralization. Matic envisioned a world where someday, blockchain makes mass adoption mainstream and eventually fulfills its destiny with its primary goal being a premium user experience to DApps.

Polygon- Formerly Known As Matic

Polygon is ideated with the vision of a borderless world that is open to possibilities without any restrictions or regulations. More specifically, the idea is to achieve a time in the future where man and machine join forces to exchange value, free of border guards and intermediaries, or artificial endpoints and man-made rules. It is built by many talented and decentralized team members or contributors that come from several parts of the globe. They moved forward as one with their mutual disbelief in the ways of traditional corporations/companies, management and hierarchy methods.

The Road From Matic to Polygon

Matic Network has now decided to expand its ideologies, vision, and mission. It is now Polygon- Ethereum’s Internet of blockchain. This doesn’t mean Matic no longer exists, but it is just a new name assigned to a much bigger initiative. All existing Matic services remain fully intact, functional, and of the highest priority. The members of the organization, stakeholders and values work with integration and in the same way but with a slight addition.

Contributing to the mission improvement, distinguished Etherneum developers, community members and researchers have joined hands with the organization. Polygon is user-friendly for Ethereum scaling and development and is the first of its kind. It transforms the Ethereum network into a multi-chain system, which is the “Internet of Blockchain” part. They welcome people of the world to contribute to making their concept a reality someday.


Matic works with making blockchain mainstream mass adoption and getting a widely used smart contract platform like Ethereum ready for the same. However, not long ago, it changed from focusing on just that. It changed from Matic to Polygon with an even bigger vision and mission. This was ideated by Etherneum developers in the existing community and/or ecosystem that came from across the world with a vision of a borderless world where nothing would be restricted by artificial endpoints. It invites people from all over the world to add to their objective with ideas, codes, etc., and help them make this a reality soon.

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