Reasons and tips to fix error sending BTC from eToro

error sending BTC from eToro

eToro is one of the widely used crypto storage wallets that are not only known for its ease-of-usefulness but is also famous for its multi-crypto support. It would not be wrong to say that a lot of people must be using this wallet for sending and receiving cryptocurrencies to and fro from their wallets. However, things may not work as smoothly as you must be expecting them to be. Sometimes, a small mistake at your end or from the end of the wallet may create hassle in your transactions.

Whether it is a technical issue or a humanoid error, fixing this issue at the earliest should be your primary concern if you wish to send BTC from your eToro wallet. Meanwhile, it is also essential to know the reason behind this so that fixing issues could be more effortless.

Hence, this article will help you in dealing with this issue in a straightforward way.

So, let us now understand the main factors responsible for errors while sending BTC from your eToro wallet followed by which we will have a glimpse at the correct way to transfer Bitcoins from your wallet.

Reasons behind eToro wallet error sending BTC

  1. The feature to send BTC from your wallet may not available in your country

eToro wallet is not available for usage in several countries being one of the biggest reasons why you can’t send crypto from your wallet.

  1. You have enabled VPN on your device

In case you have enabled a VPN service on your device then you may not be able to use the feature to send BTC from your wallet.

  1. You do not have enough funds in your wallet

The number of Bitcoins you have in your eToro wallet is less than the amount of BTC you are trying to send.

  1. Exceeding the transfer limits

Most probably you are exceeding the limit of per day or monthly crypto transactions from your wallet. Please note that your transfer limits are decided based on the payment method you are using and your wallet type.

  1. BTC transfer cannot be initiated on weekends/holidays

If you are trying to send BTC from your wallet on a holiday or during the weekend, then your transaction may not be initiated instantly and may take longer than usual.

  1. Breaching eToro wallet usage terms

There are certain rules and terms set by eToro for its wallet services. If you breach any of these rules, you will surely face difficulties while sending or receiving BTC from your wallet.

  1. eToro has recognized a suspicious order

If eToro recognizes any suspicious activity or transaction from your wallet, it may decline the transaction there and then.

Tips to fix the error

  • make sure that you are sending supported crypto before initiating any transaction
  • you can also try disabling the VPN services on your PC as it may be showing a location of that country that does not support crypto transactions through the eToro wallet
  • Try not to violate any terms of eToro wallet usage
  • If you have transacted on weekend or holidays, then you should wait for a few days to get it done
  • Make sure that you have enough BTC in your wallet before sending them

The correct way to send BTC from the eToro wallet

  1. Tap-open the eToro Money application on your PC
  2. Sign in to your wallet
  3. In the “Crypto” tab, type the name of your preferred crypto
  4. Click “Send” and select the amount
  5. Enter the recipient’s address or scan the QR code
  6. Verify the transaction by entering the code and tapping on “Verify”

That is how easily you can send crypto or Bitcoins from your eToro wallet to an external wallet.


Sending and receiving cryptocurrency from an eToro wallet is a hassle-free process if you do not violate any terms of eToro and follow the correct process. However, due to technical glitches, server-related issues, or mistakes made by users, the transactions may not be completed. Thus, make sure that you keep the tips mentioned above in mind before you send any crypto from your eToro wallet. If you are still seeing the eToro wallet error sending BTC, then you should try to seek the necessary help from experts.

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