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Whenever you try to withdraw coins from your Bittrex wallet, you may encounter issues while doing so. While making the withdrawal transactions, you might come up with seeing “Unauthorized” or “Invalid” messages. In this article, we will be discussing certain withdrawal error codes and reasons behind their occurrence.

Common Bittrex withdrawal issues faced by users

  • Withdrawal address- sometimes, a user enters an invalid address in the “withdrawal address” field which makes him unable to complete the transaction. In this situation, he should re-check the address that he is entering because Bittrex can send coins to the valid address and not to the others.
  • Pending request-At times, a user forgets to click on the authorization link sent to his email address. In this situation, he is sure to face problems while completing his transaction. Hence, one must check his email address for the authorization link and click on it to authorize his account.
  • Insufficient balance- a user may also face issues in case the withdrawal amount he is entering is more than his account balance. To get the balance details, one must keep a regular check on his account, transactions, and other such details. You can also try to withdraw a smaller amount and check if the transaction completes or not.
  • Incomplete transaction due to 2FA- the users who have applied two-factor authentication must complete the process which requires them to enter an OTP sent on their registered mobile number while doing any kind of transaction. If you enter the wrong OTP, then you might have to face the consequences.

Like other reputed Bitcoin trading platforms, Bittrex users may also suffer from certain bittrex withdrawal issues. Bittrex prioritizes his customers’ trading related issues and looks forward to resolving them.

Bittrex withdrawal error codes

  • “Withdrawal limit reached 24h enhanced”-

When you come across this error code it means that your enhanced account has reached the daily withdrawal limit. This happens in case you have requested to withdraw multiple times in a single day. If you see this error, you should try to withdraw the amount after 24 hours. Else, you may seek Bittrex support.

  • “Withdrawal limit reached 24h basic”-

This error code means that your Basic account has reached the daily withdrawal limit. This may also occur if you have not verified your account at the Enhanced level. To resolve this issue, you may try to verify your account because doing this will increase the daily withdrawal limit. Your request is completed based on the amount above your current maximum limit and this affects your transactions.

  • “Password reset 24h lock”-

This error means that you cannot withdraw the amount because you have reset your password in the past 24 hours by doing the Bittrex login. Bittrex locks the transactions from your account for security reasons. In this situation, you will have to wait 24 hours from the time you have changed your password. After this, you will be able to make transactions form your Bittrex account.

  • “Login 2FA lock 2M”-

Whenever you complete the Bittrex login process, you cannot withdraw the amount immediately after 2 minutes. Bittrex wants the users to wait for 2 minutes after logging in to their accounts because of certain security reasons. 

  • “Whitelist violation IP”-

Sometimes, you mistakenly use the IP address which is not there in the IP Whitelist of your account and this makes the occurrence of the error. In this situation, all you need to do is add the current public IP address to your whitelist. By doing this, you will be able to complete the withdrawal request. You can do this by going to the “settings” option and allow the IPs that you wish to. You may also go for Bittrex support to know more about these errors and what do they mean.

  • “Withdrawal limit reached 24h unverified”-

This error may occur when your unverified account reaches the daily withdrawal limit. In this case, you may go to the “settings” option and verify your account. This will not only increase the daily withdrawal limit but also allow you to perform the withdrawals successfully.

  • “Withdrawal limit reached 24h no 2FA”-

This error code means that you have to secure your account with two-factor authentication because it will increase your daily withdrawal limit. Accounts that are not secured with such type of verification generally have lower withdrawal limits.    

  • “Withdrawal too large”-

Each coin has a max limit per withdrawal which if exceeded could result in withdrawal failure.

Sometimes, you may also encounter issues if you input an invalid withdrawal address. In this scenario, try to rewrite the email address and then make the transaction. In case you are still having problems while withdrawing the amount from your Bittrex wallet, then you may seek Bittrex support.

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