Know the functioning of Coinbase Pro for crypto trading

Coinbase Pro for crypto trading

Coinbase Pro was initiated to be the best cryptocurrency exchange platform in the entire blockchain network. And soon enough, it actually achieved its goal by becoming the best in all of the United States. The platform, however, was designed and introduced for only the professional and advanced crypto enthusiasts for better efficiency and not the beginners. Users get an exclusive trading platform, secured routes for making investments, retail investors get wallet services, and of course, the Coinbase stable coin in US dollars.

It began with the only Bitcoin listed in the cryptocurrency area and over the years continued to add all cryptocurrencies that matched with their decentralized criterion of the blockchain network. Here, in this read, you’ll get to know the exclusive traits or features of Coinbase Pro (crypto platform), the functioning of the trading procedure on it, and a recent scam that turned a lot of heads because it had “Coinbase” in the name. You would also find some suggestions published by the company to warn you and help you prevent falling victim to any such mishaps.

What are the key features of Coinbase Pro exchange?

Let’s take you on a ride through the exclusive features of the most appreciated crypto exchange:

  • Altcoin options are wide- Users can trade and invest in more than 50 cryptocurrencies for a better crypto experience on Coinbase Pro.
  • User Interface is not complex- Users can benefit from the simple UI that makes their crypto experience quicker and easier and further leads to increased efficiency.
  • It has a learning program- With a Coinbase Pro login account, users can learn about all the cryptocurrencies available and their investment procedures, which can be paid for by the company.
  • Exchanges are made liquid- Unpredictability and uncertainty of the market and the environment may cause huge price fluctuations, and safeguard the users from getting affected Coinbase Pro has always maintained its reputation of being one of the highly liquid crypto exchange platforms.

How does Coinbase Pro trading work?

Coinbase Pro gives you the benefit of not just trading and investing in Bitcoin but also, over 50 more crypto options that exist in the decentralized blockchain platform. It also provides user guides to help out with the procedure. You’ll get to know the steps to sign up for it, buy or sell orders and the steps you need to follow to withdraw the crypto funds in your account. As you know, it offers several cryptocurrencies, it also offers services related to margin trading with US Dollars, Euros, and Pounds.

Users get to experience real-time charting with professional tools to make effective trading decisions. There is also an added benefit of having the authority to keep an eye on the order books, trading history, and charts for crypto prices. Users are also eligible to cancel orders or limit them, and schedule them as per their liking. Coinbase Pro was ideated for professional and advanced traders rather than new investors with a variety of order types that can only be handled by the pros.

What is the Coinbase Pro scam that caught attention?

Panic and fraud are the two very important components of a scam and that is exactly what happened with Coinbase Pro users when some cyber crooks found a loophole to disrupt their crypto trading experiences. The hackers designed a special email that was sent out to several Coinbase Pro users. It read that their accounts have been disabled, which led to immediate panic as users had all of their crypto funds in.

The email was then followed by a web link that offered a resolution to the problem. And, of course, by this time panic directed users to click on the link, which was nothing but a phishing link. As soon as they clicked, hackers flew past the open door and got inside their accounts. Users were recorded to report these cyber attacks more amidst the pandemic and Coinbase Pro immediately issued prevention tasks:

  • Even though the email address has “Coinbase” in it, do not believe it, unless it matches the official email address.
  • Remember to not hesitate in getting help from the legit Coinbase authorities if you receive such emails.
  • A lot of times, emails that you receive contain hidden bugs for this kind of scam, and so you should install protection software for early detection and safety.


Coinbase Pro achieved its primary goal of becoming the best cryptocurrency exchange platform in the United States, the place of its origin. The detailed read above successfully walked you through the major features of this unique blockchain platform, the functionality of the trade that you can carry, and usage recommendations to avoid a very recent Coinbase Pro account scam.

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