3 reasons why Bitcoin price violently rejected near $20,000

Bitcoin price violently rejected

You might be aware of the fact that the Bitcoin price is now restricted to $20,000 and this has left many of the analysts and the investors to acknowledge the quick recovery cards. Bitcoin managed to secure this all-time high rise, however, the digital assets are rejected the amount that crosses $20,000. Some of the major analysts tell that there is a sell-off from the whales and miners that are combined with the $20000 level of acting as a limit level that is caused by an instant drop.

The key factor that led the whales and miners to sell the Bitcoin

For the whales and investors, liquidity is one of the key factors and because they deal with the bulk orders they need to ascertain and calculate the loss caused by their sell orders. Normally, the best time for the whales to sell is when there is a peak ecstasy or rise in the market that is met with the large buyers and meets the needs. This clearly allows the whales to effectively sell the holdings without causing much instability. When the price of the Bitcoin surpasses its all-time rise on coinbase, then it causes the market investment to rise and investors to become optimistic for their respective investments. After the unexpected rise, the whales started to sell, which caused large liquidations across major exchanges.

According to the CEO of CryptoQuant Mr. Ki Young Ju, the withdrawals were slowing down and he called the short-term selling period was based on the miner selling, whale activeness along with the exchanges and with no whale withdrawals. However, I knew that there are enough exchange stable coin reserves that would break with $20000 by this year. If the concept of all-time high gets rejected then this could be a heavy pullback as the whales that sell the BTC in bulk. Moreover, he also noted that the Whales began to deposit the Bitcoin in the exchanges and it happens when the whales wish to see their respective holdings.

Is there any current profit seen from the current situation of the market?

The price of the bitcoin swiftly recovered after dropping to $18,200 that is rolling back above $19400 within few hours. It is important to understand that speedy recovery is likely to occur due to the nature of the drop. When the price of the bitcoin declined the exchanges saw cascading long liquidations of the assets. For now, Bitcoin is likely to drop harder than it should have if there were not large liquidations happening lately. The recovery was equally intense to justify the reason. The late short-sellers could easily have gotten aggressive when the price of the Bitcoins dropped which leads to a short-term squeeze.

In the upcoming years, the bitcoin can be seen in two major scenarios. The first can consolidate above $19000 that would have allowed the affected market to find tranquility and then open the interest to rebuild and structurize the market. But the macro outlook on Bitcoin still remains to be stable. According to one of the known cryptocurrency trader, Scott Melker, the monthly candle for November is closed with Bitcoin’s all-time high market that embarks a positive long-term picture for the bitcoins. He then added to the statement mentioning that this month’s investment has shown a really impeccable chart.

Final thoughts:

Estimating the nearby future activities, the key support levels for the Bitcoins are seen as $18,200, $17,700, and $16,200. There are many large whale clusters in the areas to invest in the Bitcoins that could cause the reaction from the buyers and the potential investors to invest in the market and earn profits.

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