Why Coinbase Pro is a great platform for crypto traders?

Why Coinbase Pro is a great platform for crypto traders

Coinbase Pro is designed for crypto traders. It helps the trader to find a product catering to its needs. It is basically an evolution of GDAX (a cryptocurrency exchange). So, if you are using GDAX, all the transactions and balances made from there would automatically appear in Coinbase Pro.  In short, Coinbase Pro is a redesigned platform that aims at making one’s trading experience easier.

Coinbase Pro is different because it has direct access to Coinbase markets. It is a platform where the users can not only invest in cryptocurrency but can also make the utilization of it. Basically, it is meant for the people to adapt themselves to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Let’s see what all features are included in Coinbase Pro.

Features of Coinbase Pro

  1.         It includes more simplified deposit and withdrawal processes.
  2.         You can easily access the previous data with the help of improved charts.
  3.           You have access to “My Portfolio” which can give you an overview of your account orders and balances.      

How to start trading with Coinbase Pro?

The verification of your bank details is required to start trading with Coinbase Pro. In case, you are a coinbase account holder, you can easily transfer funds from the Coinbase account to the coinbase pro account without any charges and really instantly.

Why should you use Coinbase Pro?

  1.           Coinbase pro comes with the benefit of offering high liquidity and buying limits. You can deposit Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and BCash in an unlimited amount. It also offers a great liquid trading platform. You have the permission to take out $10,000 per day from an individual account and $50,000 from an institutional account.
  2.           Coinbase Pro is great because it operates at incredibly low fees. It ranges between 0.1%- 0.25% for taker trades. Thus, Coinbase pro is a good deal for any crypto investor.
  3.           Coinbase Pro supports many currencies such as the American Dollar, the Euro, and the British Pound.
  4.           It also comes with Coinbase’s brokerage service known as Coinbase consumer. You can source bitcoins directly on this platform. It is better suited for new users.
  5.           For the more experienced crypto traders, Coinbase Pro is a superb alternative. The experienced trader would not be required to pay any fees on Bitcoin, Ethereum trades, and Litecoin.
  6. It also gives you an instant buy backed up with a credit card as an option.


Coinbase Pro is a great platform for those who are looking to trade in a larger volume. It is a trusted exchange. It is also a great exchange for the avid crypto investor.

Coinbase Pro is accessible in most of the European countries and also the USA, Mexico, and North America. However, in South America, customers can use Coinbase via debit card payment.

Coinbase Pro is safe to use because it enables anyone to use the platform only after making the full verification of the identity and many other personal details. So utilize the option of Coinbase pro and utilize the best exchange platform.



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